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Awarded a Silver-Gilt medal, the 'Be fruitful' back to back garden at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park set out to bring the idea of growing fruit into the contemporary garden. Aimed at people with small urban spaces, the garden incorporated thirteen different varieties of fruit, mixed amongst richly coloured ornamental planting.

The garden proved to be very popular at the show, attracting people of all ages as well as generating a great deal of media interest; from being featured on the BBC show coverage plus a live interview on BBC Breakfast to international horticultural publications.

'Be fruitful' captured my vision of wanting to promote the growing of fruit in back gardens and to inspire people to become more resourceful with their own garden space. By simply growing more fruit ourselves we could reduce fruit miles, encourage local biodiversity especially our native bee populations, help preserve our fruit heritage and have the freshest fruit at our fingertips.