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The RHS’s much-coveted themed garden category attracts some of the best designers from across the country. Competition is always tough and being selected as one of the three finalists to build their garden is a very respected achievement. To go on to receive a Gold medal and the Best Year of Light Garden award is indeed a great accolade that Sharon feels incredibly honored to have gained.

The concept behind her garden comes from how light has evolved in time as a universal symbol of hope and inspiration. ‘Light Catcher’ offered an experience of light, allowing visitors an opportunity to see how natural light can be harnessed in the garden setting to create drama and ambience. By using a range of materials chosen for their reflective, diffusive and light fluctuating qualities the garden became a visually reactive, contemplative and soothing space to pause and pass through; whatever the weather.

Planting brought colour, life and movement to the garden. Design combinations focused on key plants that 'caught' light, using grasses with fine seed heads to shimmer and glisten and tall perennials that give accent and structure. A cooling colour scheme picked up iridescent and metallic blue and purple hues, warmed by hints of pale yellow, deep mauve and blonde. The overall effect created a haze of luminosity that altered and moved with fluctuating light levels and wind. If you would like a plant list for the garden please get in touch.

Thank you to the following contributors for their products and time to help bring to life this RHS sponsored ‘Light’ garden:-

DESIGN | My bro Geoff Bogacki for being a source of inspiration & a technical
guru for producing the steel structure specification drawings

LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR | Dave & Matt Beesley for their constant enthusiasm & incredible craftsmanship |

PLANTS | Catherine from Brentwood Moss Nursery |
& fellow gardening enthusiast Ryan Lewis |

STEELWORK | Ivan & Dom at Steeltech Kinetix |

PAVING | Courtesy of Marshalls Paving |

PLANT & SCULPTURE SUPPORTS | Garry from Artisan Plant Supports

WATERBOWL | Urbis Design |


CABLE TENSIONERS | Sheffield-based Gripple |

I would like to say a special thank you to Joy Ladds [Community Artist extraordinaire
based in Ramsbottom] and Clare Rynn [Rainbow Yarn Bomber & Life Saver] [both members of the wonderful Incredible Edible Ramsbottom crew] for their dedication, patience and time in making this garden happen. Thank you also to my family for their support, child/chicken/dog-care & baking well as generally being roped in last miniute to help out. Thank you to all my other friends, new and old, especially Alison Marland, for being involved x

To see all the winning designs visit the RHS webiste.