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The layout and areas of this garden were already defined into three tiered areas accessed by steps located on the left side of the garden. The lower patio had recently been landscaped with new paving together with a retaining wall to form the first of two retained borders. The steps lead up to what used to be a rough grass area on the middle level and right at the top sat a shed [see images at the bottom].

The middle level has now been transformed into another patio area, of which half is surrounded by mass plantings of the billowing ornamental grass Hakonechloa macra. This emulates the 'feeling' of the lost grass and softens the new paving. The client wanted a Quist water feature to create an unusual focal point in the garden together with introducing the relaxing sound of running water. A Japanese Maple Quist tree was chosen and installed on this middle level.

The shed on the upper level clearly needed disguising, along with a retained border against the back boundary fence made from vertical concrete paving slabs. Slatted timber panels where made on-site to create a much more appealing finish.

The planting scheme needed to be low maintenance yet give a long season of interest and colour. Small evergreen shrubs, a mixture of long flowering perennials, grasses and bulbs were chosen to limit the care down to simple deadheading and cutting back at the end of the season. To help with maintenance I visit this garden three times a year to de-weed and tidy up.

The planting colour scheme is relaxing with hues of purples, pinks, blues, splashes of white and a hint of red. Strawberries and raspberries have also been planted in the top border.