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This design has fused two distinct areas, an expanse of lawn and a shady 'woodland' area dominated by a large weeping willow tree. The 'woodland' area has been developed to incorporate woodland borders with defined pathways, edged with sections of coppiced tree logs, that lead you on a mini woodland walk. Existing shrubs have been thinned back, some removed and others re-positioned. A selection of mature specimen trees have been added to the lawn side to give balance to the imposing height of the existing willow tree. Smaller shrubs have been added in both areas to create different levels of canopies and to help blend to give a softer transition between the two spaces.

The lawn area has been re-landscaped to form a number of large informal, mixed, but predominantly herbaceous, borders. Key plants have been repeated in these beds as well as on the edges of the mini woodland area to help enhance the transition, eg Hakonechloa macra. Plants and features for winter interest is also an important element of this design. Evergreen groundcover plants including grasses, early flowering bulbs, winter flowering plants/shrubs, robust perennials for attractive winter seedheads and obelisks for structure have all been included to offer natural, rustic interest during the bleaker months of winter.

Below is a selection of before [TOP ROW] and in-progress [MIDDLE] shots, with images of the areas just planted [BOTTOM] to show how the areas have been transformed. Next year, with a full season's growth to bulk out the perennials, the borders will be much fuller, and, over time, as the trees mature, the areas will blend to enhance the woodland feel.